Hi, I am Wendy Alas

I'm a veteran event and portrait photographer with over 15 years of experience in the field. I come with a background in photojournalism and have a BA degree in Visual Journalism from the Brooks Institute of Photography. My friendly demeanor, attention to detail, creativity, and conscientious fresh approach are what make my style stand out. 

Currently, I'm fully employed as a Customer Care Analyst, my main focus is data analysis of stats, survey feedback, testing and process improvement using analytical Lean Six Sigma methodologies. Due to the different career path I decided to take five years ago, my availability is limited, and therefore have retired as a wedding photographer. However, I'm still free most weekends for smaller shoots, such as portraiture, small events, or elope weddings. 

During my spare time, I like to spend time with my loved ones, read, binge watch sci-fi shows, attend concerts, travel and go hiking.

Please feel free to reach out and send me an email for availability to hire me for my services.

Photo by Stephanie Bassos