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Poetry in Chicago! Open Door Reading Series by the Poetry Foundation

Faisal Mohyuddin is a super talented writer, visual artist and educator. He is also part of an incredible and kind group of people that I have done photography work for throughout the last 12 years; ever since I began doing work for East-West University in 2008 and a developed friendship with Zafar Malik and his family, who introduced me to Faisal's wife and many other people from his community six years ago.

I love these type of connections, because I love supporting other artists and what they do, specially if they're super nice and down to earth. And who can't appreciate nice people? I also welcome diversity and inclusion in everything that I do.

If you love poetry and want to support local artists, I highly recommend checking this out:

Open Door Reading Series by the Poetry Foundation

I have had the pleasure of hearing Faisal's poetry before and it is deeply insightful.

Also check out Faisal's work here:


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